Invention Ideas

I went on vacation with my twin girls this past week. It is called Jersey week since the majority of the week is off for New Jersey students, but not for the rest of the country.

We spent the week in Las Vegas. We are not typical Las Vegas people. Two of the days we spent the majority of the time swimming – at the hotel. Hours in the swimming pool. Bought lunch at the swimming pool.

It was the highlight of their time there. It was warm without being too hot. The water was that cool it is uncomfortable, but not bad once you get used to it. Not like the Vacation movie screaming because that is really cold water.

It brought me back to an idea I had a long time ago. It is based on a fact that I noticed when going to the pool at the local club.

Old people love pools. I see them. Having trouble walking on land as the approach the pool. Some in wheelchairs because they can no longer walk.

But get them in a pool and they move like they are twenty years younger. They smile and chatter to each other in one of those pool aerobic classes.

I enjoy being in the pool. I love swimming under water. There is something very comforting about feeling the (particularly warm) water surrounding me. I would – and I suspect my twin daughters would – spend my entire day in water if possible.

And so here are the three ideas. I’ve had them before – ages ago. This is just for a quick read. I might not be able to implement them – but perhaps someone out there can.

  1. A home that is mostly water. That is to say: an entryway where you come in from the outside – and change in to swimming clothes (or no clothes, it is your home). The changing area probably has a shower and of course towels. Then the rest of the house is a minimum of three feet deep in water – except for the bathroom which may most likely be located right next to an entryway of the house. The beds would be floating beds with added structure to make up for the lack of support the water may offer. Or perhaps, all of the water will be saturated with salt so that the additional support is a part of the water.
  2. A hotel that offers a mostly water environment. Like the house, but on a much larger scale. Bring waterproof luggage.
  3. Now, the first two ideas may in fact involve a lot of engineering and problem solving. Some things, like the human body need to be addressed. This is because if the human body is constantly in water the oils that we need on our skin will constantly be washed away. This might be good for some people – this might be bad or worse for other people. So, in this idea, one room of a house – or some rooms or a section of hotel rooms would be this water based area.

I understand there isn’t a lot of detail here. There isn’t meant to be. I’m going to be using some 3D design software to make items 1 and 2. I think item 3 would be easy enough to develop.

I, personally, would love to live in a house that was like this. I would love to visit a hotel – and spend the week swimming or a conference where you swam from place to place instead of walking.

I can see, in specific, that there would be a lot of filtering that would be required to keep the water clean and clear. However; just because there are difficulties doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be done or that there isn’t a market for it.